Jayson Teagle

Jayson Teagle, the Founder and CEO of Collideoscope, has quickly become one of the most sought-after personal brand architects, talent managers, and speaking agents in the global leadership space. Currently, Jayson has a roster of notable names such as Dr. Henry Cloud, Ginger Hardage, David Salyers, and CDR Rorke Denver in his portfolio, among others. Since its inception in 2015, Jayson has guided Collideoscope through significant growth as an organization all while helping clients reach new levels of success.  

In just 5 short years, Collideoscope has overseen New York Times best-selling book launches, architected over 10 personal brands for leaders, built million dollar business lines for clients, helped catapult a book into the top 25 worldwide on Amazon, conducted multiple six-figure product launches, brokered major sponsorship, licensing, and endorsement deals, launched new speaking careers, created and sold out live events, generated major media placements, and booked clients on some of the largest and most influential speaking platforms. Collideoscope has established itself as the global category leader in managing high-profile leaders.

Prior to starting Collideoscope, Jayson was the Executive Director of Leadercast, an organization whose mission is to build leaders worth following. From 2011-2015, he was instrumental in leading the overall growth and development of the brand and played a key role in the organization’s rise to prominence. Throughout this experience, he was immersed in brand creation and talent management while developing a global reputation and niche specifically in the leadership space.

Under Jayson’s leadership, Leadercast grew to levels of international success that saw the organization serve over 200,000 leaders around the world. During his tenure, he managed a team of over 30 staff in multiple disciplines, served as Executive Producer of Leadercast Live (the world’s largest leadership event), charted the course for Leadercast’s international expansion, forged and managed large-scale corporate and talent partnerships, guided an award-winning rebrand, and launched several key brand extensions. Throughout the years, he oversaw the growth in revenue, audience size, and demographic reach. Additionally, Jayson built countless relationships with leaders from around the world, produced Emmy-nominated short films, and had the opportunity to interview world leaders like Former First Lady Laura Bush. His extensive travel took him into the corridors of power, from the Vatican to Pixar to the Pentagon.

The Saddle Peak House, Malibu, Justin Chung Photography

Early in his career, Jayson had a front-row seat to exemplary leadership at the highest levels. From 2006-2015, Jayson learned the fundamentals of all facets of the industry while working with the Dr. John C. Maxwell and GiANT family of brands, including Catalyst and Maximum Impact during their early years. He was blessed to work for, and learn from, some of the pioneers of the industry. Prior to that, he had the opportunity to begin his career in event operations with the PGA Tour and United States Golf Association (USGA).

In addition to his professional pursuits, Jayson is active in the community in and around Atlanta. He has trained leaders in Lebanon and Syria through a non-profit organization called EQUIP.  He has also participated in the Presidential National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C as a panelist on numerous occasions. In December of 2019, Jayson was invited by President Donald Trump to meet with him at the White House to discuss some of the most challenging issues facing the nation.

Jayson attended Elon University. Jayson is married to his best friend Jamie, and they have a 5-year old son (Jack) and 2-year old twins, Ben and Annie. They live and are active on Atlanta’s Westside, attend Trinity Atlanta, and their favorite hobby is keeping up with the Atlanta restaurant scene.

Jayson did an outstanding job building Leadercast into a global brand and movement over the past several years. Jayson is a high-potential young executive who has the ability to handle even the most sophisticated global business challenge of today. He has my full confidence and trust.

Bill McDermott, then CEO of SAP

Malala Yousafzai, 2014 Nobel Prize laureate


Leadercast Documentary:
The brand’s rise to global prominence

Laura Bush Interview

Laura Bush


I've hated working out my whole life. I never felt like I had time, or that protecting the time needed was a priority. Honestly, it always felt like it bumped up against my need for progress. But, I've realized lately that progress can't happen without it. Yesterday marked 1 year of consistently going to RowHouse 4-5 days per week. It has been such a source of joy, safety, and encouragement in my life. I enjoy going and don't dread it. The coaches have created such a special culture and I truly feel part of a community of people all wanting the same things. It's an hour of my day where I can actually think, dream, and pray uninterrupted. After almost 750,000 meters later, I can say that the decision hasn't stunted my progress, but instead has fueled it. @mayweatherisactive @april_skrine @tayalyse_fit @hijonathandevin @rowhousewestside @rowhouseofficial ...

waiting on my happy hour date.. @jamieteagle where are you?? @baffi_atlanta ...

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Amidst the chaos happening all around us, 2020 produced some of the most anointed worship music in recent memory.  In fact, the songs on this list became anthems and melodies for me personally and helped carry me through the ups and downs of 2020. Although many of these weren't released on an album, all can be found on YouTube.  

Here are my Top 15 Worship Songs of 2020. I pray the words wash over you and allow you to breathe in the Goodness of our God.

1. First Love (Live) - Kari Jobe
2. Sparrows - Cory Asbury
3. Intimacy - Corey Russell
4. When I Lock Eyes With You - Maverick City and UPPERROOM 
5. Sound Mind (Spontaneous) - Jonathan & Melissa Helser and Cageless Birds
6. Fresh Fire - Housefires (feat. Tony Brown)
7. Gift of Tears - Corey Russell
8. Lovesick - Housefires (feat. Elyssa Smith)
9. You Keep on Getting Better - Maverick City Music (feat. Majesty Rose)
10. The Blood - Naomi Raine (ft. Dante Bowe)
11. Rest on Us - Harvest
12. Come Out of that Grave (Ressurection Power) - Bethel Music and Brandon Lake
13. Battle Belongs - Phil Wickham (I also love the Josh Baldwin version)
14. Into The Sea - Tasha Layton
15. There's a Rest (Abiding in the Vine) - Sean Feucht

Hold UP! Because so many people love @jamieteagle in addition to me, here is a Special "Top 10 Things THEY Love About Jamie: Best Friends Edition!" (Archive: #jamietopten) Carefully curated from the voices of others..
1) "I love how loyal of a friend Jamie is, beautifully seen by the decades of long and deep friendships she holds close."
2) “I love that she desires to create meaning from every small and mighty thing. She is so ALIVE!"
3) “I love that she is always faithful to point you to Jesus." and “She has a strong, steady, deep biblical wisdom that I always want to seek when needing counsel big and small.”
4) "I love that she still (at least the last time I checked) wears her retainer every night. #sexy" (Editor's Note: confirmed)
5) "I loved that you can't tell whether something is typed or handwritten when it's from her because her handwtiting is literally perfect."
6) "I love that she is Momming it like a BOSS."
7) “I love her tiny feet."
8) “I love her ability to completely lose herself in a fun Netflix binge, expecially the adolescent romance series types like "Hart of Dixie." (Editor's Note: see #1 and #1b in my previous post)
9) "I love how deeply she feels for others and thinks through all the things to make sure it's fair and just."
10) "I love her compassion for others. She probably feels other's hardships deeper than her own."

It's finally here! In honor of @jamieteagle's 38th birthday, here is the highly-anticipated "Top 10 Things I Love About Jamie!" If you found this at least mildly engaging, I encourage you to check out the full history of the "Top 10 Things I Love About Jamie" brand at the Archives: #jamietopten. Without further ado..

1) On a recent vacation to Scottsdale, she got up early every morning so she could work on creating a document detailing every character from Hart of Dixie from the lens of the Enneagram to send to a Podcast host. If this isn't the most "Jamie" thing ever, I don't know what is.
1b) All she wanted for Christmas was a Hart of Dixie sweatshirt.
2) On aforementioned vacation, I love the fact that we went on our first actual hike after 9 years of being together. This was, however, after asking the concierge if he was familiar with any "1-hour nature walks on property."
3) Her persistence was never more evidenced than the now flourishing basil plant in our kitchen following 11 other unsuccessful attempts at keeping a basil plant alive.
4) I love how humbly and descreetly she has served @chloehamaker and @jenniesallen in fulfilling the vision of Theloaby to equip parents in giving their kids a big view of God. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that is more in the dead center of Jamie's calling (and annointing) than teaching kids about Jesus.
5) I've seen how deeply she inherits the pain of others and makes it her own. I've seen her weep when a friend gets bad news, be shaken up when someone's diagnosis is bad, or be anxious when a friend is fearful.
6) I love her heart to create family memories. This Christmas, she created an email address for our Elf on the Shelf (elfieteagle@gmail.com) so he could communicate with our kids.
7) At a restaurant recently, she ordered hot chocolate and it came out cold. When I encouraged her to ask for a hot one, she replied. "No, I will just drink this one. I would hate for her to have to make an extra trip to the kitchen." How Jamie is this?
(contd. in comments)

Merry Christmas!
With much love..
The Teagles

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